Coffee Log

11/9/19 Iced Philz Ambrosia, Medium/Medium Plus - still the feeling that it's thin after being so used to lattes, but solid and buttery after I got over it. Still a pleasure to drink.

10/27/19 Flat White from Bondi Harvest - smooth texture, well-balanced, bitter

10/7/19 Latte from Starbucks, CHS - acrid

9/12/19 Smores Latte from Felix Roasting Co. - marshmellow is nice but could be denser, smoke is cute, medium body, acidic without bite, very milky, no aftertaste

9/11/19 Camo Latte from Sawada Coffee - perfect - seamless blend of horchata upfront into expresso undertone, multifaceted, enjoyably sweet

9/10/19 Latte from Bien Cuit - shallow; well-balanced but unnotable coffee

lemon tart with lavender foam - enjoyably stiff both foam and tart - airy yet substantial. Very tasty. Bordering on tart enough, well balanced. Sweet.

9/4/19 ?Nespresso pod - extremely bitter, somewhat watery

9/3/19 Latte from Kaffitár - perfect - good body, not too strong bitter aftertaste, well-balanced

8/18/19 Iced Philz Ambrosia, Medium/Medium Plus - thin in comparison to lattes

8/11/19 Latte from Profeta - perfect - good body, not too strong bitter aftertaste, well-balanced

7/25/19 Latte from Peet's - taste is all roast, no coffee flavor, no to mild aftertaste, somewhat bitter, better with time

7/20/19 Iced Philz Philtered Soul, Philz Way - first impression: pretty muted; nuttiness not entirely pleasant? Prefer Iced Ambrosia

7/18/19 Tomo Latte - taste associated with ?condensed milk a little too aggressive, acidic up front